Day 10: Passion Over Money

Today for my inquiry project time I went and visited Mr. Tao, the owner of a coffee shop called Tian's Coffee. I interviewed him for my inquiry topic, Business Management. His responses to my questions really made think. When I asked him what drove him to start his business, he surprised me saying that he started his coffee shop because of his love for coffee. All of the local business owners I interviewed had either answered that they started the business to gain more financial income or had the business passed on to them by their family. Mr. Tao loved making coffee, whether it be roasting the beans or brewing the actual drink. Mr. Tao stated that he didn't about how much profit the shop can make, all he cares about is being able to his passion for coffee with his customers, to see his customers enjoy something he made himself. I truly admire his beliefs. It is extremely hard to find a business like the Tian's Coffee in such a fast-paced industrialized world today. It is also because of all the care he puts into making a cup of coffee, that ensure the quality of the coffee and attracts more customer to his shop.

Hi, my name is James. I am 14 years old and this is my second year at Shanghai American School Pudong. I was born in Seattle but moved back to China with my parents when I was about 4 to 5. My hobbies are playing basketball and golf. I was part of the 16th microcampus group, Phenomena. I grown and matured more during the trip than I ever will in the three years of middle school. Microcampus has been a truly amazing experience for me, it is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Memories made, memories not wasted.