Day 10: Fades Away

The rain pours down, "pitter patter," the sound of the large and heavy raindrops hitting our roof echoing around the room. The clouds surround us, and loom over looking down upon us. The enormous grey masses move in packs spreading across our vast skies filling it up from one side of our peripheral vision to the other. The environment reflects our mood, or maybe its the other way around. We miserably sit down, as the clouds surround us, and stare blankly into each other's faces. We look around at the gloomy day, with the sun being covered by sadness, with our faces covered with sorrow. And yet, clouds always go down, rain always dries and days go by. The sun sets, along with the cloud and the moon rises. The stars cover the skies, no longer filled with clouds, and the day fades away. 

Xizhou was absolutely amazing, I had a great time and a very unique and different experience. Though at times, Microcampus was hard and challenging, we all powered through and looked at the bright side and now those 28 days are over. I will truly miss Xizhou, along with all the locals and the environment, I am so happy and thrilled that I got to go on this roller coaster of a trip.