Day 1: The Long Journey...

Today marked the first day of our journey in Xizhou! It seems like just yesterday we started preparing for this very trip, and as quick as a lightning strike, the has passed right before very eyes. After spending half a day scrambling to the airport gates, stumbling through an active construction site, and finally settling into our rooms, we could finally say our journey was complete. Leaving Shanghai, I was filled with a mix of emotions: sad for leaving my friends and family, nervous for the journey that awaits, and excited to be able to go to the village of Xizhou. After quite a long journey, the students surrounding me could not wait for what was yet to come. Arriving at the Linden Center was such a strange experience, it was so hard to believe this place would be known as home for the next month! Just by taking a quick walk through Xizhou, my brief glimpse revealed a colorful and bustling village, even when the sky was painted black. The many local villargers cheerfully greeted us, and all the closed businesses on the street seemed both inviting and intriguing. I can not wait to connect with villagers and begin my inquiry project! Thes breif experiences are only the begining, and looking ahead, I can't wait for the amazing opputunites I will soon experience. 


Hi Everyone! My name is Holly and I am so grateful to say that I am part of the "Ultimate" Microcampus Group. I am learning so much and am so lucky to experience life outside the Shanghai bubble. Not only am I focusing on a topic that I greatly enjoy, but I am able to make connections with the many locals I will soon get to know. This trip I am part of is an unforgettable experience and will "ultimately" be an amazing trip. See you guys in a month!