Day 1: Getting to XiZhou

We started out at the airport at 5:15AM. Getting up was a challenge for me and my dad had to wake me up after I had drifted off to sleep again. Once we arived at the airport, it was obvious that eveyrone was really tired so we all decided to sleep during the plane ride. During the bus ride, we were all energetic again and started chatting with each other. It was nice to talk to the Puxi kids again face to face and bonding a bit more. 

Hi guys! My name is Yun Kei. I am Singaporean and have lived in Taipei, Paris and now currently Shanghai. I am part of a family of four and my little brother is in fifth grade. Microcampus and XiZhou have made a big impact on me and I miss it very much. I miss the blue skies, the ability to talk to locals, the food and pretty much everything about it. I have made many friends and memories here and I am glad that I came.