Day 1-3: Stargazing at the Linden Center


Daily Shoutout Day 1-3

What a fun video! You guys did a great job. The videos are just now showing up from our end, so apologies I haven't replied sooner. Happy to hear you were able to take in some shooting stars, something you will not be able to do back in Shanghai. Have fun, learn lots and see you soon!

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My name is Saleem E. I am 13 years old and my favorite sport is soccer. I am back in Shanghai, but I am missing beautiful Xizhou. My inquiry project was woodcarving, but I changed it to Myths/Stories/Legends in Xizhou. Xizhou was a great experience and not only did it teach me many valuable lessons that I will take with me through my journey of life, but it also taught our group valuable lessons. I would like to thank Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai for their support and patience during this trip. Microcampus has opened up my eyes, and after going to Xizhou I view our world in a totally different way. Thank you Xizhou.

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