Coming Back to Xizhou

A couple of people from the V group either asked me if I was going to write a journal or thought that I should. 

Voyagers, your wish is granted, because here is my journal for the day. 

Returning to Xizhou after Microcampus is amazing on its own. Being able to reconnect with the people that I knew from my previous time in Xizhou, for example, Lao Mao, was very rewarding and special. And as fate would have it, I'm staying at the same place that I staying on my Microcampus trip, Linden Commons (Baochengfu)! The day after I flew in, I got to meet the Voyagers. I knew from the first impression during the Overnighter that they were a solid group and I was right! (1/1 on Microcampus predictions!) I had the opportunity to pretty much stay with them for the whole day, from morning meeting to evening activities. I was a taken aback a little by how eager some people were about getting an asterisk, AKA inducted into the Hall of Fame. They had a strong drive to be the best, something that was different compared to the Superior group. Being a Microcampus Inquiry Project Hall-of-Famer, I expected a few questions here and there about being inducted. However, the number of questions I was asked was way over what I had expected. Their interest really intrigues me. In fact, earlier today, Lily and I were talking about how I got inducted. To be honest, I had no real answer to offer. My take on this topic is to make the days count and make sure I'm giving 100% on everything I do. The will of the group to be the best is very admirable. 

Yes I am a Microcampus alum, but I am open to learning from the people that are currently doing the program. The Voyagers taught me plenty. 三人行必,有我師。

The people that make up the group is nothing short of awesome either. I got to know Sam and hung out with him quite a bit. We bonded over the Broadway production Come From Away. (Welcome to Xizhou if you come from away, you'll understand about a half of what they say) A couple of Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen fans in the group as well. That's always a good sign! Josie wrote a journal entry about my iPhone which you can read here. We finished out the day by attending the evening prayers at the mosque and a Qu'ran study run by the women in the community. The experience was great, and the people there were very genuine. I could not have asked for a better evening activity.

Turns out I wasn't the either Microcampus alum in town either! Fellow Superior Annie Y. dropped by for the Service Learning Sharing with her family. I also got to meet fellow alums Claire O., Maddie O., and their family. Although we weren't on the same trip, it was easy for us to strike up a conversation because of the fact we were all part of the program once. Thinking back, Microcampus isn't just about the 4 weeks in Xizhou. Sure, that's a major part of it, but in my opinion, that's just part of something bigger. Microcampus allows me to network with other wonderful people and get to know them. It also allows me to step out of my comfort zone entirely. I am very happy that I have this Microcampus experience under my belt. There's a saying introduced me to a friend of mine that I really like, Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.

Voyagers, Xizhou, fellow alums, y'all made my Spring Break special. Thank you.

Hi there! My name is Barton C. I had a great time in Xizhou during the Microcampus program. These are four weeks that made me look at my life and my work ethic differently. My four weeks as a Superior was one of my fondest memories of middle school. I am a baseball outfielder and pitcher, die-hard fan of the Detroit Tigers, as well as one of the few (only?) Microcampus alumni with a Private Pilot License. My project focused on the preservation of the Flying Tigers' history in Xizhou. If you are interested in a project regarding the Flying Tigers, building upon my project or aviation, you may reach me via my email at