Being Back in Shanghai

Being back in Shanghai, being back home, feels different. I guess I have just grown accustomed to the lifestyle in Xizhou.

The first night I got back, the moment I walked into my house, I felt like I didn't even recognize my home. The first thought was, "Wow, my house is so big..." then later on in the night, as I was showering, I no longer could hear Nike, Cass, and Alex's screaming and shouting. I realized I miss that already. Then when I hopped into bed, I realized my bed was really big. After, on saturday morning, I woke up at 7:30AM, no alarm necessary. I got out of bed, and started folding my blankets without realizing I was doing so. After breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would automatically bring my dishes to the sink and wash it. I'm going to just say it. Microcampus has changed me.

I have to say, I really genuinely miss the Microcampus experience and Xizhou. At school, the 1 hour and 45 minutes of class we have to sit through is almost treacherous. The hallways, too, so loud and in a way irritating. I can remember in Xizhou everyday was so peaceful and quiet that you could hear little birds singing in the distance.

Anyways, being back here in Shanghai isn't all bad, it is just very different. However, now I cannot help but get excited for the Pudong kids for their Microcampus trip.

I wish you guys all the best and enjoy every second, minute, day, week, etc. of your stay there. A month may seem very long to you now, but once you get there and start doing all the great things you will get to do, time will fly by and soon you would be back in Shanghai again. So make the most out of it. Also, if you guys ever need any advice or wisedom from an alumi, don't hesitate to ask me. :D


All ture lifes

Good to hear your life back to SH, all sounds so true. I am glad to see the changes on you, even it's tiny or without awareness, which are magic from Microcampus and charm from Xizhou I guess. The changes here are that I wish to hear "shut up" from chaotic games. I don't see the french braid often. My brain need to spin with "no repeat game"....Gosh! Miss you guys!!! Good luck to you, Yan! 

Hi I'm Peyton, and I was part of the B4 Microcampus group (March-April 2013). The Microcampus experience was really amazing and I was so glad that I was a part of the B4 Microcampus group. My Inquiry project wason Traditional Chinese Medicine. Please feel free to look at my blog posts anytime!