Day 17: Chocolate Cake

Today was a day of relaxation and recovering from out exciting weekend. We all woke up at around nine and then had a nice breakfast. Then it was time to catch up on the work that we had not been able to do while we were away (journals, SAS essentials, laundry, etc), and for our group it also meant cleaning our room which looked like a bomb had a exploded...At 3:15, it was time to go to Dali! I was so happy that we were going to Dali because I liked it so much last time. On our way there, Tafel and Xiao Tang tricked us into thinking that we were going backs to Hua Dian Ba because the bus stopped at the mule farm. We all got a little scared, but we were really only there to pick up the tents...

Once we arrived in Dali the first place we headed to was the Sweet Tooth, the delicious cafe/bakery that we all fell in love with last time. I ordered a molten chocolate cake which was to die for. After our pre-dinner snack, Peyton, Alex, Cass and I walked around the small streets of Dali, looking at bracelets, hippy pants and bags. The weather was really great and we were all really happy. Then at 6, we met up with Ashley, Clara and Sujin for dinner at the Bad Monkey. We waited at least an hour for our burgers, but it was worth it because they were really good. Then we just walked around some more and enjoyed our time there. When it got dark, we went back to Sweet Tooth and I felt so full that I was about to burst. On our way back to the bus, Peyton and I went CRAZY. The cake was really getting to us. We were singing and dancing, and later when we were home we crashed. I really hope we can go to Dali again before we leave! 


A bomb?

That sounds like great fun! I want some molten chocolate cake, too. I am secretly already planning your welcome back dinner. Does Creme Brulee as a dessert sound good to the three of you? Meatballs? Or Spaghetti Bolognese? Or Spaetzle and Geschnetzeltes?

But I cannot imagine your room looking as if a bomb has exploded.... That would be completely unusual, as your room at home is always a picture of serenity, order and neatness....!?!

Just kidding. We miss you so much, we even miss the mess, honestly, we do....

Love you,


Beim Frühstück lese ich jetzt

Beim Frühstück lese ich jetzt immer die neuesten Eintragungen anstatt Zeitung zu lesen. So lerne ich die Gruppe prima kennen und erfahre auch so manches was du nicht schreibst. Wie war die Begegnung mit den Werwölfen???????

Nikes Great Journey (last Trip to Dali)

Liebe Nike.
deine Berichte werden werden hier mit großer Spannung verfolgt; du versetzt uns beinah in die Lage, richtig mitzuerleben - wenn auch ein wenig zeitversetzt - was du durt Alles erlebst. wir sind begeistert, dass du an so einer tollen Sache teilnehmen und es auch richtig genießen kannst - you are so happy!
Mit Nova ist vereinbart, dir auf Deutsch zu schreiben, hoffentlich gibt es dadurch keine Schwierigkeiten.
Wie hat dir unser voriger Beitrag gefallen, Nova möchte es natürlich, was ihren Anteil angeht, gerne wissen.

Für heute wünschen wir dir aus dem - für dich - so fernen Münsterland noch viele, viele frohe Tage!

Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt
von Aaapa, Nooova und Ooopi ;D

Eure letzter Bericht hatt

Eure letzter Bericht hatt mich sehr froh gemacht. Dieser natuerlich auch! :D

Also, ich freue mich soooooo auf das Münsterland! Wie gehts dem kleinen Kalb? Es war so suess! 

Ich vermisse euch alle sehr arg..

:D Es freut mich, dass ihr alle mit so grosser Spannung mit liest! 

Lieb euch alle,


HI! My name is Nike, and I am 14 years old. I was born in Germany and lived there for 7 years, then Michigan and I have lived in Shanghai since August of 2012. I love eating, dancing, and running. I am now a Microcampus Alumni and was in Xizhou in March of 2013. I deeply miss Xizhou, and wish the best of luck to all future groups! If you have any questions regarding Xizhou, Service Learning, Inquiry, or anything else, let me know! I would be happy to help :)