Day 19: Girls' Bike Ride

Us girls finally got our own girl time today. Mr.T and Ms.Mai took us to a Bunjoo temple, which is a form of Buddhism. My friend Cass is studying this and explained to me the different gods. Interesting stuff! They worship local heroes. For example, if someone were to rescue a little boy who was drowning they might be like a hero. I like that idea of anyone being worshipped. You don't have to fly and ride on dragons and all that. The people their were so kind. they invited me to eat at the community lunch at the temple. I climbed to the top of a tower and could view down on everything that happened at this little temple. Incense burning, chickens strutting, dogs barking, and statues staring is how I can describe this temple. It wasn't built for tourist, but for people who just want to do their thing. I appreciate that. When we have enough temple time, we were challenged to race on the road, safe of course ;). I started up on the smooth pavement trying to build up my speed while standing up. Once I got into it, I felt my self rush past the others, but 2 were still in front of me. I love competitions. To others its a bike race, but to me its to show others how much it means to me. I want to beat them so badly. It just makes it all the more fun. When I got to the end, we continued with our bike ride around the villages. Just like that that moment went by and I moved on to something else. We had a stop at the aqueducts to just sit and think. No one told us what to do, we just did. After, we returned home to YZR and I moved on to the next thing. Overall, good day. 



Nothing like girlfriends...right? i hear you talking bout the kindness of the people alot. Is it because they have more time to be relational and talk to each other?

Love, Grandma


Wow, that sounds like a lot of fun. I like the concept of people around the village are worshiped for good doing's. Hope you have lots more fun stay safe and learn lots(;

Wow! Awesome!

Do folks really worship local people, just like that? Awesome, I wish I could be worshipped too! What else did you do in Microcampus? It sure sounds like fun. By the way, how are Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai? :)

i didn't know you were so

i didn't know you were so competitive! is that why your mom is always trying to out pace me on our bike rides!? kidding - :) I too like that idea of worshipping regular folks. it shifts the power of good and inspiration to real life, don't you think? cool post!

Hey guys, I'm Alex! I lived in Washington D.C, US for 11 years and have lived in Shanghai for almost 3 years now. I love to travel, eat, and learn about new things! I am here at Xizhou and loving it. The highlights are the kind people, the blue skies and starry nights, delicious food, and the outdoors. So far, thumbs up! It feels like it is going by too fast