Day 16: First Service Learning Partner

Today we went to see Ms. Duan. She is one of our service learning to be partners. Today we had a ten minute conversation with her. She said that she was able to make the video showing and have multiple meetings to film and was okay with being in a video. Finally we made a meeting for tommorow and were on our way to making a service learing video. On Tursday we plan to go to our service learning partner to go film for the ifrst time.


Sounds like you found a very

Sounds like you found a very nice lady to work with.  I noticed some other students weren't so fortunate.  It must be something to be respectful of their wishes yet confident in the purpose of your work.  I'm glad you had a willing participant.

I am enjoying reading about your journey.  It makes me want to travel more. There is such a beautiful and diverse world to explore.  You are very blessed to have had so many opportunities to enjoy it.

COntinue to appreciate this journey, be safe and have fun!!  You are covered in my love and prayers!

Aunt Thea

I am 14 years old and really enjoyed Microcampus. I am Canadian although I was born in Shanghai, China and have lived there for almost my whole life. Other than the nine years I lived in China, I lived in Canada for four. I liked showing my learning of Xizhou into the final product. I had fun and learned a lot by creating the Service Learning video