Day 16: Meeting New People

Today Jake, Audrey, Joanne, and I wandered around the streets, looking for people to talk to. We were looking for people to help us in our service learning project, though somehow, we hadn't found anyone. Tired of walking, we sat down under a tree on a curb. There, we looked to the right and we began to be utterly fascinated by an embroidered cloth that had Chairman Mao on it. The lady selling it sat there behind a long table full of all sorts of things. Lots of people began gathering around her table, asking and looking over at many things. Her name is Ms. Qing. She introduced us to her many books, including everything from little pocket picture books to quotes of Chairman Mao. At first, it was a bit hard to connect with her since all we asked was about the products that she sold. Then, Audrey and I began to ask her about her life here and how she liked it. From there, we introduced our purpose and we exchanged phone numbers. Even though she was hesitant to say yes since she is camera-shy, we still encouraged her to help us. From the experience, I learned to take risks, even if it seems tricky or not possible at the moment. 


Hi! I am 13 years old and was in Xizhou. I have been at SAS for about 5 years and beyond Shanghai, lived in Los Angeles. I am grateful to be able to go to experience the life of others in different cultures and to be able to witness and observe things from a learner's perspective. I liked experiencing new cultures and looking at things from both a tourist and student perspective. In a sense, this serene and vivid city has brought me to realize how everything and everyone works together, perhaps even not realizing it! This trip to Microcampus has helped build bonds with people I never knew, helped me understand a whole different style of living, and be able to learn in a new fashion.