Day 15: The Hike

Today we woke up from a really cold sleep and rocky bed. We packed up camp and went to the resturaunt to eat breakfast. After breakfast we strted on our trek to meet the bus. At first the hike was a little bit boring but then the hike started to get really good. Then with 45 minutes left Mr. T said people who thought the pace was to slow could go ahead and go faster. Me and 6 other students went up ahead with Mr. Yang, Ms. Funky Fung, and Mr. K. The view was amazing and there was a part where we had to put our feet in footholds in the wall to walk down. The hike was really nice and interesting.



Hey Xan,

I bet the hike has been one of your favorite parts! The pictures of the scenery you've been able to appreciate for the past two weeks is stunning. Maybe you can take trip back there with me some day! Hope you have enjoyed the rest of your weekend. Our weekend went by too quickly. The sun was out most of the weekend, though, so hopefully it will continue to warm up. I am so ready for Spring.

Love, Mom xo xo

I am 14 years old and really enjoyed Microcampus. I am Canadian although I was born in Shanghai, China and have lived there for almost my whole life. Other than the nine years I lived in China, I lived in Canada for four. I liked showing my learning of Xizhou into the final product. I had fun and learned a lot by creating the Service Learning video