Day 14: A Stroll Through Shi Long Cun

Camping. Hiking. Tiring. Those words are the main ones I caught during the talk Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai gave during a morning meeting. I did not know how this trip was going to be like, but in my mind, camping and hiking always consists of using a lot of energy. When we arrived at our campsite, after a two-hour bus ride, I saw the beautiful view of the mountains and the reservoir and all my concerns swept away. Being around nature is something I do too little of but should do more of. After a Xizhou-style sandwich, we embarked upon a three-hour hike which kept me complaining but I was able to walk through by going outside my comfort zone. I felt as if my shoulders and legs were hardly mine. I learned through this challenge that even if I complained, I will keep pushing myself until I achieve my goal. 


Hello, I am thirteen years old and am now a Microcampus alumnus. In Xizhou, I studied the weather of Xizhou and have developed many life skills I will use in the near future. Microcampus changed me as a person a lot in a beneficial way and this experience is absolutely incredible, with the view, things we learn, and the kind people in our community. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I appreciate truly.