Day 15: Hiking

As I slipped and slid down the small section of the hill, I could feel the sweat building up on my forehead and wondered whether I had turned tan or not. We were in the middle of a mountain, far away from anything of civilization. For three to four hours, I was surrounded by trees and nature, hoping that we could find a shady place. Even in the trail under the heat of the sun, I had to admit that the adventure was pretty interesting and fun. We skipped through rivers with rushing water, climbed thousands of steps, and rock climbed down walls of boulders. I think it was the sense that we could go anywhere that intrigued me. Other than the red arrows and tie-dye strips hanging on trees, everything else was up to us. I learned the importance of effective communication in a timely manner since the front of the group could be 20 meters away from the back. I think that these hours of hiking really brought us closer together as a group and closer to the environment and nature.  


Hi! I am 13 years old and was in Xizhou. I have been at SAS for about 5 years and beyond Shanghai, lived in Los Angeles. I am grateful to be able to go to experience the life of others in different cultures and to be able to witness and observe things from a learner's perspective. I liked experiencing new cultures and looking at things from both a tourist and student perspective. In a sense, this serene and vivid city has brought me to realize how everything and everyone works together, perhaps even not realizing it! This trip to Microcampus has helped build bonds with people I never knew, helped me understand a whole different style of living, and be able to learn in a new fashion.