Day 7: 150 Years in 150 Minutes

First week of Microcampus is reaching an end and I cannot press pause to all the emotions running through me. Am I supposed to feel fortunate that the first week came out successful and could have easily gone the other way? Or am I supposed to feel sorrow that 1/4 of the journey is over already? Either way, this last day of the first week ended with one extra surprise: 150 Years in 150 Minutes lecture given by Mr. Tafel. It was the history of China to help us better understand what led to where we are right now. Certain geologic features has changed over years during times of war, different relationships between countries, and some events that we might chuckle at but happen to be a large impactful case. The thing is, we are all making history, every moment of our life. Some histories are remembered longer than others, depending on context. Ten years from now, I am going to look back at my life thinking about all the things I have accomplished within those ten years. I think Microcampus will be one of the only histories I will remember and be able to recall at that time. 


Hello, I am thirteen years old and am now a Microcampus alumnus. In Xizhou, I studied the weather of Xizhou and have developed many life skills I will use in the near future. Microcampus changed me as a person a lot in a beneficial way and this experience is absolutely incredible, with the view, things we learn, and the kind people in our community. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I appreciate truly.