Day 6: Under the Wind Turbines

I had a wonderful day today. Not only did I have a great time doing inquiry project work, but we also visited wind turbines on the top of the mountain. During the inquiry project, I visited Mr. Zhang, a very welcoming erhu player. He told me many information and as well as his opinion of traditional Chinese music in Xizhou. He also allowed me to play is Erhu and film him playing a traditional Bai piece. I hope to interact with him again.

The second exciting activity we did was travel to the top of the mountain and stand underneath the wind turbines. The view from the mountain was just as amazing. We could see rows followed by rows of solar panels, a military base, and an iron mine. From Mr. T, I learned that Xizhou has a lot of mines and makes a lot of money from natural minerals.


My name is Lifan S, but I prefer Evan. I am part of the Wildfires microcampus group which traveled to Xizhou for 28 days in 2019. I loved the trip, all the challenges, and the easy parts as well. I encourage others to attend the program because it is truly a once in a lifetime experience.