Day 6: A Visit to the Windmill

Today, for our WIPPIS time, after our Inquiry work, some of us went to the windmill and some of us went to the tie-dye factory. In my case, I went to the windmill, because I wanted to watch the view from the hill and the beautiful lines of the windmills. It was really sunny and all of us were steaming and sweating inside the bus. The road going up to watch the windmills was very bumpy and full of rocks. When we opened the window of the bus, the strong wind came in, and everybody silently enjoyed the coolness. 
When we went up to the windmill, we were able to look at it from right under the windmill. The windmill was huge. Really huge. All of our hairs were flying in the wind. We all sat on the rocks and had some still time. We took pictures for  each other, and the whole mountains and the Erhai Villages. It was amazing how the windmills were turning constantly and so smooth. I wish we could go to the windmills next time, but it seems it is too far, I was still happy with all the pictures I took during the outing.



풍차 밑에가니 진짜크고 신기하지? 어려서 유럽 여행중에 풍차 보면 좋아하던 네가 생각난다.
벌써 1주일이 되어가네. 주말이니 친구들과 여유있게 즐거운 시간 보내길 바래. 얼마나 생각도 키도 커서올지 기대가되네.엄마아빠 모두 너위해 매일 기도하고있다.

I'm a 15 years old Korean Boy. I was in Xizhou during my first year in China as part of the W group, Wildifre. I really liked the blue sky as well as the strong sun. Lake Erhai and my 28 days with my 15 other friends is something I miss a lot. It was also an experience that changed my life. I hope the future Microcampus groups will also have a great time in Xizhou. Take a ot of pictures of your friends and the Xizhou community! Enjoy your journey and always help each other.