Day 6: The Wind Farm

Along with Alan, Claire, Dora, Erin, Evan, Pepijn, Sejin, Xander, and Mr. T of course, I visited the wind farm on the mountains that protected the Dali Kingdom back in history. As Mr. T explained to us how these wind turbines came to be where they are as of right now, I found myself entertained rather than uninterestingly listening to lectures in school or classes. We trekked a short distance uphill to see a wind turbine up-close. It was absolutely enormous and the silent breeze of the wind calmed everything down for me. I wish the time we were there for was longer. I suddenly realized how extremely grateful for this whole trip I am and every step is a new experience.

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Hello! I am 13 years old, a part of the Wildfire Microcampus group and I am currently in Xizhou right now! I have been in Xizhou for a week now and I am doing everything I can to connect, converse, and learn about this alluring environment and culture. Welcome to keep up with my work while I am here!