Day 26: Service Learning Sharing

On the day of the Service Learning, it felt like the intensity had been cranked up a few notches. For once, it wasn't just some sort of random celebration where everyone is there for fun, instead it was more about having gratitude for the history of Xizhou. Of course, in during the production process, many of us came down with bad cases of temper, but in the end, when we reached our goal, the tension would dissipate. 

When Mr. Du first arrived to YangZhouRuan, to our surprise (although we shouldn't have been since he has lived so close for so long) he told us that he had been here when YangZhouRuan was only a few years old (YangZhouRuan is now 77 years old). He had nostalgic memories about the places where he used to play was now covered by other houses. We invited him into Classroom 1 after a while where the celebration was going to take place. 

During the presentation, it felt a lot more intense then it should have been. While probably no one was actually paying attention to us, it still felt like we were in a court trial and that every movement would be recorded and analyzed. It interesting to watch Mr. Du's reaction throughout the video, he was nodding along throughout the video as if agreeing with everything his past self had stated. Especially when we reached the part about his hopes to the future, he smiled as if he finally could see his dreams come true in our young selves.  The audience also seemed to be more quiet than usual because the overall theme of the video was rather on the sad side. Some of them been half-covering their mouths with their hands as if in shock about some of the stories Mr. Du had shared... The overall presentation was definitely a success!


After Microcampus, my life has been greatly affected by the new and different experiences that were offered during Microcampus. From being able to work efficiently and effectively to having meaningful conversations with (at first) strangers around me. I know understand the difference between "giving" and "trading" and the awareness of impact. How that perhaps people in need aren't necessarily always wanting gifts, but instead a trade, a bond, an understanding between two drastically different people. I also realized how much could be gained from just viewing the world around us and not just our smartphones and computers. For once, I noticed how the buildings were set up in a certain way or how some certain art was covered, I feel this type of education has been more effective than any other program I have ever tried out.