Day 28: Why I Came to Microcampus

When I first got the email saying that I had gotten into Microcampus, I was very very happy. This is because not a lot of people got into Microcampus. I was very excited to live in Xizhou for a month studying the culture. I had imagined myself on a hill studying. However, when I came to Xizhou, there was actually no hills in where we live. Although we are up in the mountains, it is very hard to tell because, in the neighborhood that we lived in, the ground was flat. You can also see an amazing view of the mountains, anywhere you go (as long as you are in Xizhou, of course.)

I came to Microcampus because I feel that I need a break from Shanghai and the people. I wanted to go to a place where I can learn in a different way and discover who I am on the inside. I had gotten sick on the loud city noise and the stress from school. I had also gotten sick of friend dramas, and I needed time to go somewhere else.

Even though I am not alone, and there were 15 more students coming with me, I realized that these 15 students are not as bad as they seem. They are also quiet, at least in the eighth-grade hallway. These people are also very kind. This prediction is right. When we came to Xizhou together, it was quite peaceful, with an eighth-grade expectation. I do realize that even though we are quiet at school when talking to our friends, we are still considered loud in Xizhou. The good thing is that these students are obedient and are aware of their impact. We reminded each other to be quiet, and that is what I think is the magic of Microcampus. We listen to each other, no matter how harsh their comments are. This is because, at the end of the day, we forgive each other. We treat each other like brothers and sisters. We may fight, but there is a lot of great moments together.

This Microcampus experience truly blew my mind. As my Inquiry Project being Local Plants and People's Connection, this learning method had taught me a lot of things, both educationally and socially. I had also discovered who I truly am, although I cannot quite describe myself. I guess that that is who I am. Undescribable. After the month, I feel that I came ready to hit the ground running once we come back to Shanghai. I still do miss Xizhou, because it had benefited me a lot. There were a lot of good times, the bad times, and the ugly times. Even though the Microcampus journey is about to end, coming back to Shanghai is just about to begin.


"Life is a journey, not a destination." --Ralph Waldo Emerson


Hello! I am Josie and I enjoy learning new things and spending time outside, alone and with friends. I am a big fan of animals and nature and that is why my inquiry project topic is about local plants and insect life. Currently, I am in Xizhou completing my inquiry project.