Day 27: Saying Goodbye

Today was again, an amazing day. I had to say goodbye to a lot of the people I had met. This includes Ms. He, the tea brewer, Ms. Wang, the basket weaver, and Mr. Li, our Service Learning partner. There are a lot more people that I had met for sure, and I said goodbye to all of them. I said goodbye to the lady who sells me boba milk tea and the woman who sells baskets and other souvenirs. Saying goodbye is very hard, and I truly will miss them. I promised each and every one of them that when I come back to Xizhou, I will visit them. They are amazing people, and I am very, very grateful for having them with me. When my Service Learning group said goodbye to Mr. Li, we brought him fruits. This is to say thank you for helping us become our Service Learning partner and our great friend. He first told us that he does not want it. Later, he brought us eggs that his hens laid that day. Mr. Li is very nice, and I will for sure find him once I come back to Xizhou during my break.


Hello! I am Josie and I enjoy learning new things and spending time outside, alone and with friends. I am a big fan of animals and nature and that is why my inquiry project topic is about local plants and insect life. Currently, I am in Xizhou completing my inquiry project.