Day 3: Noice Roid Duude...

On Day 3, the Microcampus Voyagers caught up on a lot of work and got into the routine of Xizhou life. The event that stuck with me the most today, however, was biking to lake Erhai. 

After lunch, the girls went out as a group to get learn about the biking experience in Xizhou and to receive our "Microcampus biking certification." To make sure we were safe, we had to wear these super snazzy reflective vests. On the bike ride, we passed by a glass noodle shop, lots of bright yellow canola flowers, and farming land full of different vegetables and fruit. At our destination, Lake Erhai, we had some still time and sat by the water. It was beautiful. The ducks called to each other, the lake lapped at the shore, and a breeze blew in our faces. Sitting by the lake reminded me of my Aunt's house on the Boundary Waters in Ely. Both here and there are so peaceful. If I had time, I would sit by that lake for forever.

After the ride, Mr. T showed us the traditional phrase usally said after finishing a bike ride. Basically, you slacken your jaw and say "noice roid duude," to everyone around you. It was super funny.

I am planning on going back to Lake Erhai with some groupmates tomorrow. 



I enjoy learning new things, pushing myself past my limits, reading, spending time with the people I love, playing sports, being active, and having fun. I am a spunky, athletic, creative person. I like to bake and be in nature. I feel my best when I have had enough sleep, healthy food, and had a good laugh. Currently, I am in Xizhou, pushing myself past my limits, making new friends, learning, and having a great experience.