Day 4: Making Connections

Today is Day 4 of the Microcampus trip and I thought today's Wellness time was super interesting. After lunch, Clark and I went out on a walk/jog to make sure we were exercising today. On our walk jog we made a few connections. 

Ms. Ma was the first person we met while we were at the local mosque. She allowed us to look around inside and helped us understand what was happening. Inside we saw a classroom and the praying hall. It was all very interesting. 

On another part of the journey we introduced ourselves to Gao nai nai. She was standing by a garden and watching a fire burn. She told us that she was burning old clothes that she and her family could not wear any more. In my opinion, Gao nai nai was really nice and would be a great person for our service learning partner. 

Another connection that we made was with Mr. Yang. Mr. Yang was working while we passed, but when we waved he smiled back at us. Mr. Yang knows where the Linden Centre is and he gladly answered some questions. I really enjoyed talking with Mr. Yang and I hope I can see him again.

The last person we met was Li nai nia. Li nai nai was sitting on the curb with her pretty white, wide-brimmed hat with a flower on top people watching. She saw us coming and waved and smiled. My friend and I asked her a few questions and she answered them very kindly. After we were walking away I thought that Li nai nai would be a great person to visit another day. 

Overall, I thought Wellness time was really great. I really enjoyed making connections with new people and being in the nature around me. 










Making friends

Hi Taylor,

Thank you for sharing about your walk! Sounds like their are some interesting story tellers in your neighborhood. I look forward to you learning more about them!

Make it great!

Live you!

Love you!

My name is Taylor and I am 14 years old. I enjoy learning new things, pushing myself past my limits, reading, spending time with the people I love, playing sports, being active, and having fun. I am a spunky, athletic, creative person. I like to bake and be in nature. I feel my best when I have had enough sleep, healthy food, and had a good laugh. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to spend time in Xizhou. Throughout my time in the village, I was able to push myself past my limits, make new friends, learn, and have a great experience. I made many connections that I will forever have a place in my heart. The village of Xizhou and it's people have truly changed my life.