Day 5: A Grain of Rice in the Sky

This morning, LilyAria, and I went on a 6 o'clock run/walk around Xizhou. The air was still chilly from the cold windy night and it was dark out with only the stars and moon illuminating our way. As we were walking we stared up at the stars and moon in the black sky. It was so quiet, as the world was asleep, and calm as we stood there, it reminded me of previous camping trips where the sky was filled with the same stars. Aria decided she wanted to take a picture of the moon. However, her camera was not equipped to take a high quality picture of such a far away and dimly lit object. This meant that the moon in her photo showed up as a grain of rice in the sky. It was super funny!

When we got back to the Linden Centre, we all decided to go up to the star terrace and look at the rising sun. The mountains were behind us and the village and sunrise was in the front. Everything was waking up to the beautiful colors of red, yellow, orange, blue, pink, and purple and calls of nearby roosters. This morning was defiantly something that I will remember and hopefully do again soon. 



Hi Taylor,

Hi Taylor,
We are excited to follow along on your microcampus journey! I feel like I went along on your morning run. Love how descriptive you were in sharing all of your entries so far.
By the way, I know how your friend felt taking moon pictures with her phone. I was bummed when my "super moon" pics looked like orange blobs in the sky a while ago.
I look forward to seeing more entries from your journey. Take care of you! Hugs and smiles from MN!! Tricia and Abby (Chris and Sophia too)

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