Day 22 : Praises and Dancing

Today, December 9th, Microcampus day 22's journal entry today will be mostly about our opportunity to different places our fabulous Service Learning Partner, Zhou Nai Nai took us to.

The morning was a usually Friday morning with pitching in and all that good stuff. However, in the afternoon, HeninJuliaMichael and I got to go to a "church" that Zhou Nai Nai took us to. The Church was not completely legal since not a lot of people know about it and is kind of in a secret location, They started off with praising songs and then they talked about their upcoming Christmas performance. I met some elders there and I told them about my family's Christianity background. They were very welcoming and asked me about the church in Shanghai. The elders also wanted me to attend their Christmas performance that is 2 weeks from now. It was sad that I won't be able to attend since I would like to see how Christmas in Dali and Xizhou would look like. After a while, we had to leave since we had inquiry work that we needed to catch up on.

During dinner time, Michael and I went to a very nice Japanese restaurant that Ms. Braverman recommended us to go.  They had 2 border collies there but we weren't allowed to pet them. Instead, they were the one who jumped on us and pets us. I got the beef egg rice牛肉盖饭 and Michael got the Chicken Egg Rice鸡肉盖饭. The restaurant was kind of expensive but it is definitely worth the money.


Hey guys! My name is Hayley and I am now an alumni of the 21-st Ultimate Group. I enjoy playing volleyball, making Youtube Videos and cooking in my free time. My journey at Microcampus has been amazing and through the up's and down's, I learned so much about my inquiry project, the village, the citizens and most of all, myself. I will never forget my home away from home, Xizhou with its delicious food, blue skies, stars and kind locals. 喜州,我想你!