Day 17: Still Time At Bao Cheng Fu

Today is December 4. It is Monday so it is the start of a new hardworking week. After our breakfast and committee meetings, my partner and I went over to the bank to exchange our money into smaller bills. After our pitching in AM and our lunch, we had our teacher support sessions. For teacher support today, I went and talked to two people. The first person I talked to was Zhao shi fu, the security guard here in Yang Zhou Ren. I talked to him about stories he might know related to the Erhai Lake. he told me this one story about two dragons fighting. After meeting with Zhao shi fu I went over to the antique shop owner Mr. Du. We were asking Mr. Du if he knew a similar story to the one that Zhao shi fu told us, and Mr. Du told us a pretty similar story. The story Mr. Du told us had its similarities but it also had its differences. One big similarity is that there are two dragons and one is big and black and the other one was small and yellow.
After the first part of my WIPPIS time, I had wellness. For wellness, we went out to play badminton at Bao Cheng Fu. I got 35 minutes in zone, which is above the expectations. Once our wellness time was over, we went to the garden next to the courtyard we were playing in. The garden was great for still time because it was very peaceful and relaxing.
We came back home to Yang Zhou Ren, and we finished up all our work. When everyone was done with their work we had our 5:45 meeting. Mr. Tafel talked to us for a little bit and then sent us off to dinner. Today was a great day and I am proud of all the work I accomplished. 


My name is Saleem E. I am 13 years old and my favorite sport is soccer. I am back in Shanghai, but I am missing beautiful Xizhou. My inquiry project was woodcarving, but I changed it to Myths/Stories/Legends in Xizhou. Xizhou was a great experience and not only did it teach me many valuable lessons that I will take with me through my journey of life, but it also taught our group valuable lessons. I would like to thank Mr. Tafel and Ms. Mai for their support and patience during this trip. Microcampus has opened up my eyes, and after going to Xizhou I view our world in a totally different way. Thank you Xizhou.