Day 10 : Adults of Xizhou

Today was the first day of double digits, and I can't believe it been more than 1/3 of Microcampus already. Alumni have told us to time flies by fast, and we have to cherish every opportunity given. During WIPPIS time today, Mr. Chen and I went to visit some young adults. This young staff at the Linden Center, Yang Ge, is an optimistic guy who loves the outdoors. Since the technology wasn't popular ten years ago, he spent most of his teenage years playing with animals and sports. I also met one of Mr. Chen's friends, A Ping, who works at a coffee shop on the way to the Linden Center. A Ping told me that he wasn't a good student back in his teenage years but had an interest in making coffee. His didn't have a close relationship with his parents so he didn't really care about his schoolwork. A Ping gave me a lot of contacts to some of Xizhou's middle schoolers and said I could talk to them. Xizhou's villagers are so nice and I'm happy that I will get to meet the future generation of Xizhou soon.











P.S- always save your work on a spare doc. this is my third time typing this journal due to accidental command Q and wifi problems. 


Hello everyone! My name is Hayley and I am 14 years old. This is my 10th year of living in Shanghai and I am originally from Hong Kong and Taiwan. My hobbies include traveling, playing volleyball, photography and making Youtube videos. My group is currently in Xizhou and I am loving it here! The blue skies....the residents......the cuisines......Xizhou =happy village!!! This will be changed.