Day 21: Rao San Ling

As part of the evening activity commitee (along with Audrey), we planned the horse carriage ride that started last night at 7:00. We learnt that yesterday was also the start of a three-day long festival called Rao San Ling, which is celebrated by all of the Bai minority. In turn, we decided to ask the horse carriage driver to take us there, so that we could join in on the festivities. It was incredible, realizing that we were the first of all Microcampus groups to be a part of this experience. We roamed the streets, listening to each vendor play music and make announcements of their prices. The vendors were lined up as far as the eye could see! This almost reminded me of an outdoor version of the Decalthon we have in Shanghai. 

Once the clock hit 8:00, we were bound to go home. It was a bittersweet moment, as although we had not even seen all the vendors yet, we were about to enjoy another 30min long ride! At this point, the sky was beginning to darken, and we gazed upon the beauty of the sunset. Layers of orange, pink, and blue overlapped delicately, painting a stunning picture for us to adore. It went by in minutes, and we began to settle into conversation as the sky became a blanket of navy. This experience was one to remember.


My name is Mia C., and I am Taiwanese. Although born in Taiwan, I am also American and Canadian. This year marks my 11th year of living in Shanghai, and my 6th year attending SAS. I enjoy trying new things and understanding the world around me, so Microcampus seemed like the perfect opportunity. The experience was more than I could have ever imagined and I hope to return to Xizhou soon.