Day 16-18: Beginning our Final Lap



Great music & smiles!

I really enjoyed your choice of music in this clip! Plus, great to see your smiling faces - seems like things are going well. I'm looking forward to reading your inquiry projects as well as "meeting" your service learning partners!

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My name is Jason M., and I was born in Carmel, Indiana. I was raised there for about 8 years of my life before moving to Shanghai in 2011. Once I moved back, I attended school at SMIC. A year later, I transferred to SAS and I have been there for about five years. Now that I am in eighth grade, I decided to attend the Microcampus trip so that I could try something new, and after arriving at Xizhou, I know I made the right decision. New memories are being made every single day, and I am having an incredibly good time here.

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