Day 18: Beginning of the Final Lap

Today was a rollercoaster of emotions, again. Firstly, we are on our third week of Microcampus. Who knew that time could fly by so quickly. Not only are we on our third week of Microcampus, but we are finished with Phase 3 as well! After Phase 3, we can begin to go on to Phase 4 of our Inquiry Project, and from there, our final product. Another thing that happened to me today was the daily video shoutout (be sure to check it out here). Then, the final thing: rain. It has been raining for two days straight now. It is not a bad thing that it has been raining for two days now, but it is definitely unexpected. This is mainly because of the geographical location of Xizhou. All in all, today has been a relatively packed day, full of different events for me. 


My name is Jason M., and I was born in Carmel, Indiana. I was raised there for about 8 years of my life before moving to Shanghai in 2011. Once I moved back, I attended school at SMIC. A year later, I transferred to SAS and I have been there for about five years. Now that I am in eighth grade, I decided to attend the Microcampus trip so that I could try something new, and after arriving at Xizhou, I know I made the right decision. New memories are being made every single day, and I am having an incredibly good time here.