Day 17: Zhao Nainai

During teacher support, I visited Zhao Nainai, an elder who embroiders for local stands to sell. We visited her in her courtyard, which, with many others, are shared with other families. She was really kind and showed me some of her work in progress: a 绣花球 and children's shoes. The embroidered ball were extremely detailed, with 牡丹,桃花,and 菊花. I was surprised, since I saw smaller embroidered balls being selled by Sifangjie. I was told that the ones I saw have a good chance to be embroidered by Zhao Nainai, who is one of the distributors for embroidered trinkets. 


Hi! I am Audrey T., and I am Taiwanese-American. This is my 9th year living in Shanghai, and I am excited to discover life outside the city. I love traveling and learning about the diverse people and culture around the world. I really look forward to making the best of my time in XiZhou!