Day 17: More Jia Ma and Connecting with Locals

Today began the first day of our third week. We started off our day early, waking up at 6:30 to do our laundry. I am not exactly a morning person, so it took me a pretty long time wake up. Today was a rainy day (similar to the weather in Shanghai) and it was freezing. I couldn't wear my sweatpants because they were in the wash, and I didn't want to put on jeans, so I decided to go out in my fashionable P.E shorts. It was really cold, and I was groggy from sleep. I eventually warmed up and went off to breakfast. I ate a ton of pancakes with maple syrup, along with some er si. In the afternoon, I went with my service learning group to see if we can find Mr. Yang, from yesterday. Unfortunately, he wasn' at his usual spot so we headed on down to SifangJie to see if we could meet some new people. Along the way, we met this really nice lady (we didn't catch her name). After that, Mr. T and I went to Mr. Du's house, because he had quite a collection of jia ma. Overall, today was a really cool day!


A few things...

A few things...
1) What do you mean you're not a morning person? Don't you voluntarily choose to wake up at 5 on weekdays? And on your last blog post you said you "slept in until 8:30", and 8:30 is NOT late.
2) Hope you're having fun at Microcampus!
3) School isn't as fun without you.

Hi! My name is Debbie S., and I'm from Taipei, Taiwan. I've been at SAS for around 8 years, and I love swimming and roller coasters. I'm currently in Xizhou, and I'm having a great time interacting with my peers and the locals. I'm excited to learn new things and step outside my comfort zone!