Day 19: Intense Working on Phase 4

Today I worked non-stop on my inquiry project Phase 4 and I spend around 2 hours on it. It was lots of work and I still remember before those two hours I did not know what my movie would look like but I do know the big idea of my inquriry project. It is 5:42 which means I am on the edge of going to dali old town or not. Please look at my final product and it will be the product of around 4 months work.


Good morning, Nicole! We are

Good morning, Nicole! We are really looking forward to seeing your final inquiry project. I can’t believe time flying rapidly. From nothing about your topic till now, I know you put tremendous efforts, borrowing the books from library, searching related topic in the internet, asking so many questions from villagers and even talking to yourself, all related to your inquiry project. Nicole, we know it is not easy topic that you chose, we believe it will be your best efforts!

Learning the process is the most important part of your life. We all should appreciate Microcampus give you this opportunity to learn not only the inquiry project, but also growing path of your life experience.

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am in the Superior Group. I am from Hong Kong and I came to SAS in second grade. I am so glad that I have attended Microcampus and living in Xizhou is a bliss to experience. The beauty of the Xizhou will never dissolve away in my mind where there are mountain peaks of ice and green garlic fields flowing through the grass land. I miss this experience so much and I hope the future microcampers will feel this experience as special as I did.