Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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In Phase 0, I chose my Inquiry Project, farming, and explained why. In Phase 1, I started to do deeper research and developing 10 big questions. In Phase 2, I found some possible sources that would be able to help me and in Phase 3, I started finding local contacts and talking to them about my inquiry topic. In this Phase, I have planned how I am going to share all of my information in my Final Product.

To get a better understanding of what a final project should look like, I took some time to view some of the alumni work. Some previous Microcampus projects I viewed were Alina Z. (Alumni-G), Isabelle S. (Alumni-M), and Ryley S. (Alumni-N). All these students did different Inquiry Projects and used a different way to show what they have done here in Xizhou. Alina's project was mostly factual, I learned a lot of information on her Inquiry Project. I found this very interesting. Isabelle's project was very impressive and very touching. Her Inquiry Project allowed me to follow the processes of funerals and her clips were amazing. Lastly I looked at Ryley's final Inquiry Project. She talked about her personal journey out in the village along with the work she did. I loved hearing about how to bamboo weave a basket and the connections she made in Xizhou. When I was working on my final product, I made sure to keep their projects in mind.

Now, I have a better idea of how my own Inquiry Project was going to look like. Below I kept planning out my final project. Here are some of the ideas I had. The first step I need to take is determining who my final audience is. After some thinking, I came to the conclusion that my audience will consist of previous Microcampus students, future Microcampus students, teachers, parents and regular students back in SAS. My reason for this is because my Inquiry Project is not only about farming but also about personal growth. I feel like anyone could learn from my project and how this trip has changed me. Next I will be stating my thesis for my project, which is as follows: Throughout my Microcampus journey, I have had personal growth starting from before the trip, in the trip, and after the trip. I have chose this as my thesis because I think my Microcampus journey is one worth sharing. The best form of media I could use to share my ideas would be an iMovie. It is important to me that the audience can hear what I have to say and not only see it in writing. Another reason why I would like to produce an iMovie is so that my viewers can see a series of photos and listen to soft music while at the same time learning about my Microcampus experience. Lastly, in this video, I want my audience to understand how this experience was and how much I have learned from it.

Here is a general outline of how I am going to share my information in my final product.

I. Introduction
          A. Background Information
                 1. An overview of Microcampus
                 2. My initial Inquiry Project
                 3. My change in paths
          B. Thesis Statement: Throughout my Microcampus journey, I have had personal growth starting from before the trip, in the trip, and after the trip.

II. Before The Trip
          A. Applying for Microcampus
                 1. First time applying
                 2. Re - applying and making it in
          B. Choosing an Inquiry Project
          C. Doing background research

III. Throughout The Trip
          A. Studying my Inquiry Project
          B. Taking a different path

IV. After The Trip
          A. How I have had personal growth
          B. What I have taken away from this experience
          C. What are my next steps

V. Conclusion
          A. Restate thesis
          B. Reelecting on the whole journey
                1. My views before the process started
                2. My views throughout the trip
                3. My views now

I have now finished my outline of what my final project is going to look like. Moving onto my final product I have created an iMovie talking about my Inquiry Project and my personal journey. I have also written a reflection on my learning journey and the inquiry project. To see my final product click here.


Hello, my name is Alba and my time in Xizhou has now ended. I am 13 years old and I attend Shanghai American School. I have lived in Shanghai for 8 years now. Before that I lived in Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan. I wanted to join the Microcampus program to experience living out of the "bubble" life. I was a part of the O.R.E.O spring Microcampus trip of 2016. I am so happy I got to come here and learn about my inquiry project, bond with locals, have personal growth and develop more intercultural understanding!