SAS Essentials

SAS Essentials is a chance for students to learn some of the key concepts that their SAS classmates are studying back in Shanghai. SAS teachers recognize that Microcampus students will be involved in some intensive scholarly work during their time in Xizhou and that it is important to “make room” in the existing school curricular expectations in order to allow for that to take place. That being said, there are some essential, foundational concepts from the curriculum that simply cannot be missed without putting students at a disadvantage as they move forward in their schooling. Prior to departure, Microcampus Coordinator Craig Tafel works with SAS teachers to develop a plan for how to make the best use of the limited time available to ensure a smooth academic return to Shanghai at the completion of the trip.


As a part of their experience, Microcampus students will build time into their schedules to continue their study of whatever musical instruments they are currently studying. In addition to preparing their own school band/orchestra pieces and exercises, students will join the existing thriving music and arts scene in Xizhou, acting as both audience of and performers for the local community.

Students not currently studying music will be invited to use this time to begin study of an instrument of their choice, including the unique opportunity to learn some of the traditional instruments from the area.