Of utmost importance is that all participants in the Microcampus experience maintain healthy habits during the trip. This includes keeping a close watch on their level of exercise, nutrition, sleep, and overall fitness. Being a student at the Microcampus requires quite a commitment, and maintaining a good balance when it comes to physical, emotional, academic, and social health will not happen by accident. By making wellness a major focus during the planning process, students arrive in Xizhou ready to take on the challenge of being the primary monitor of and advocate for their health. Before they leave Shanghai, students will work with Mr. Tafel, Ms. Mai, their PE teachers, the school counselors, and the school nurse to develop a wellness plan for their time on site at the Microcampus. This plan will include specific goals for maintaining healthy habits while they are away from Shanghai, and will become a part of the daily routines for Microcampus students.