Ms. HaiSam Mai

Ms. HaiSam Mai grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam. Two weeks after her arrival in China in the spring of 2012, she joined the first group of Microcampus students as a teacher, bringing her extensive background as a project manager to help support the developing program. Ms. Mai enjoys exercising, listening to music, cooking her famous Vietnamese spring rolls, and exploring new cultures.

Mr. Craig Tafel

Mr. Craig Tafel, formerly of the distant suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is in his 20th year of teaching, the last of 14 of which at Shanghai American School. Mr. Tafel enjoys music, playing sports, flying his paraglider, and wandering around the world. He first thought of the Microcampus while on one of these “wanderings” in Yunnan, where his mind turned to the possibility that students from Shanghai might be able to experience the freedom, wonder, and blue skies of the open road.